"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Content of Issue 4 (9) 2001

    • From the Editor in Chief.

    • Saj S.I., head of the Russian Federal Service of Land Cadastre "Land Property Complex of Russia as the Object of Regulation".
    • "╠aterials from the Conference of the Government Commission on Housing Policy of 09.10.2001".
    • Polezhaev L.K., governor of Omsk region. "Reformation of the Housing and Municipal Complex as the Basis of the Real Estate Market Stability and Predicting in the Russian Federation".
    • Polyansky A.I., candidate of economic sciences, vice-chairman of the Moscow region Committee on State Property management, Solov'ev ╠.╠., doctor of technical sciences, professor of the chair of strategic and general management of the State University management faculty of the Higher School of Economy. "Systematization of Government Control Mechanisms at Real Estate Market".
    • Oltyanu └.└., head of economic department of the Committee on Housing Fund Upkeep of Saint Petersburg. "Problems of Rent and Public Utilities Payment".

  • LAW
    • Pavlov P.N., counselor of the Main state-legal department of the President of the Russian Federation. "Status of the Capital of the Russian Federation and Real Estate".
    • Safaraliev G.K., deputy of the RF State Duma, vice chairman of the Committee on Education and Science, Safaralieva S.T., chair of civil rights of legal faculty of Moscow State University, Berdashkevich A.P., consultant of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science. "To the Problem of State Property Management".
    • Soldatenkov V.V., deputy head of the Department of State Land Cadastre of the Russian land Cadastre. "Some Problematic Issues of Land Legislature".
    • U.S. Law "On Federal Land Utilization" 1976.

    • Piskunova M.G., chair Russian Institute of State Registrars at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. "Legal Regulation of the Procedure of State Registration of Rights on Real Estate and Transactions Related to It".
    • Shalgunov ╬.V., head of the North territorial agency of the Moscow municipal committee on state registration of rights on real estate and transactions related to it. "Problems of state Registration of Rights and Transactions with regime Objects".

    • Furmanov B.A. "Investment Legislature of the Subjects of the Russian Federation".
    • Sadykova E.L., candidate of legal sciences, head of the Department for legal upkeep of the Ministry of trade and external economic cooperation of the Republic of Tatarstan. "Legislature on Foreign Investments in the Republic of Tatarstan".

    • Rebgun E.K., candidate of legal sciences, arbitrary administrator. "Socially Valuable Real Estate Objects: Problems, Ways of Solution, Cooperation with Local Authorities".
    • Verkhozina A.V., deputy head of the Department of economy andappraising activity regulation of the Ministry of property relations of the Russian Federation. "Licensing as the way of Regulation of Appraising Activity of the Russian Federation".
    • Kochetygova G.I., head of the legal department of the State Town Inspection of Moscow. "The Order of Execution of Resolutions on Administrative Offences in the Sphere of Real Estate Objects Use".
  • "Information Tape".

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