"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Content of Issue 1 (6) 2001

    • From the Editor in Chief.

    • Shamuzafarov A.Sh., Chairman of the Gosstroy of Russia. "Problems and Perspectives of Transition to Legal City Regulation".
    • Overchuk A.L., deputy head of the Federal service of land cadastre of Russia, candidate of economic sciences. "Society Development and Changes in Land Resources Management".
    • Samohvalov A.F., candidate of economic sciences. "The Problem of Production Forces Development in Russia".
    • Olekhnovich V.G., head of the Department for Real estate and land Use of the Department for Property Management of the open JSC "Gazprom"; Zakharchenko V.V., department head of open JSC "Gazprom"; Kharlamov A.S., chief expert of the open JSC "Gazprom" department; Lebedinskaya G.A., deputy director of science, chief engineer of State Unitary Enterprise (GUP) "Rostekhinventarizatsiya" of the Gosstroy of Russia, candidate of architecture. "Some Problems of Technical Inventory of Gas Industry Objects".
    • Zadonsky G.I., manager of the Fund "Institute of Municipal Economy" project, candidate of physic-mathematical sciences, senior research fellow. "Peculiarities of the Newly Erected Objects Mortgage and Its State Registration".
    • Trutnev E.K., manager of the Fund "Institute of Municipal Economy" project, candidate of architecture. "Problems of Work Duplication in Cadastre and Technical Account In Course of Erection of the New Real Estate Objects".

    • Karlin A.B., secretary of state, first Deputy minister of justice of the Russian Federation. "Improving of the Draft Law Activity (in accordance with the results of the extended conference of the board of the RF Ministry of Justice 24.01.01)".
    • Pavlov P.N., counselor of the Main state-legal department of the President of the Russian Federation. "State Property on Land".
    • Shpacheva T.V., judge of the Federal Arbitrary Court of the North-West district of Saint Petersburg. "To the Problem of "Conscientious Buyer".
    • Piskunova M.G., chair Russian Institute of State Registrars at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. "State Registration of Rights for Enterprise as Property Complex".
    • Kindeeva .., vice chairman of the Moscow committee of state registration of rights on real estate and transactions related to it. "State Registration of Rights on the Objects of Non-Complete Construction".
    • Tsyganov V.G., Chief state registrar of Tyumen region, chairman of Tyumen regional chamber for state registration of rights on real estate and transactions related to it, candidate of legal sciences, assistant professor; Emelianov A.S., acting head of the chair of civil-legal disciplines of Tyumen Legal Institute of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs, candidate of legal sciences.; Matveev T.G., learned secretary of Tyumen Legal Institute of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs, candidate of legal sciences. "To the Problem of Rights on Bore-Holes".
    • Kiselev S.V., chairman of Federative Union Administration of Inventors of Russia. "Land and Construction as a Single Real Estate Object (on the example of other European countries)".
    • "Panel Discussion "What Should the Land Code Look Like?"

    • "Development of Land and Property Complex of Moscow". Tolkachev O.M., first vice prime minister of the Moscow Government, head of the Complex of property and land relations of Moscow. Answers the editorial body questions.
    • Lukin I.S., deputy head of the Department of State and Municipal Property of Moscow; Mosunov Y.G., head of the Joint State Unitary Enterprise for the Sale of State and Municipal Property of Moscow; Golub M.V., candidate of economic sciences; Kryukov V.V., doctor of economic sciences. "Methodology of Price Formation for the State and Municipal Property Objects".
    • "Information Report on the Business Meeting Held by the Editorial Body of the Journal on December 14, 2000, Devoted to the Questions of Investment and Construction Economy in Moscow. The Meeting was organized in Moscow on December 14 by the Editorial Body of the Journal Together with SOPS".
    • Gladyshev A.N., doctor of economic sciences, professor; Zholkov A.S., professor; Schtulberg B.M., doctor of economic sciences, professor. "Issues of Increase of Investor -Builder Interest in the Development of Municipal Economy. (Conceptual Conditions)".
    • Meizler .., candidate of economic sciences, director general of the Open JSC "Ufa Town Agency of Mortgage Lending", Savchenko .V., chairman of ABER "Basheconombank"; Khabibulin U.A., candidate of economic sciences, head of the Department of Mortgage Lending of ABER "Basheconombank". "Experience of Mortgage Lending Introduction in Ufa".

    • Kerestesh Arpad, director general of "KAPSh NIIZhA tel.". "To the Question of the Russian-Austrian Economic and Scientific and Technical Cooperation".
    • Korsik .., notary public, candidate of legal sciences. "Notary Role in the Formation and Development of the System of Long-Term Mortgage Lending".

  • "Information Tape".

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