"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Issue 4 (5) 2000

Letter of Lodkin Y.E., member of the Federal Council of the RF Federal Assembly, head of Bryansk region administration

To the editor-in-chief of the journal "Legal regulation of the market of the real estate" S. O. Bochkov.

Dear Sergei Olegovitch!

Having read the first issues of a journal "Legal regulation of the market of the real estate", I want to tell you, that I am happy with the appearance of a periodical edition, informing us about problems of economic circulation of the real property at a high professional level.

Two first issues of a journal leave a pleasant impression by the depth of research of problems and find a wide practical application in daily operation of the administration bodies of government immediately operating in the sphere of the real estate market regulating, committees on state registration of rights on the real property and transactions with it, on land resources and land-use system, on the state-owned property and fund of asset management. In connection with the large gaps in federal land legislation is very interesting the experience of land legislation of the subjects of Russian Federation particularized in the article of P. N. Pavlov in the second edition of the journal. The understanding of this experience, undoubtedly, causes many subjects of Russian Federation to activate the legislative operation in a land sphere.

The headings "Right of the real estate" and "Regional practice" allow the workers of committees on control of state and municipal asset to find the answers on questions of differentiation of the rights of property on the real estate which can not always be solved even judicially.

In connection with entry into force of the federal Act "On state registration of the rights on real asset and transactions with it " the firms, privatized in the beginning of the 90th have actively begun to register rights on the earlier privatized asset. The journal "Legal regulation of the market of the real estate", explicitly and in a clear form describing in a series of articles the order of veneering of the documents becomes, undoubtedly, help in this work and will find its interested reader among the principals and experts of firms.

It would be desirable to see on pages of the journal discussion of the problem of involving in economic circulation of the plants of not finished construction, which were being built in huge amounts in the first half of 90th according to federal target programs aimed at the elimination of consequences of radiation catastrophes. For example, in Bryansk area, which suffered from the accident on the Chernobyl atomic station, the number of such plants is more than one thousand and a half. In connection with the liquidation of the State committee of land of Russia and transmission of its functions to the Ministry of the property relations of Russian Federation and Federal service of the land cadastre of Russia foreseen by Decree of the President of Russian Federation of May 17, 2000 № 867 "On structure of federal executive bodies", the principals of the subjects of Russian Federation are worried by the problem of interaction of territorial bodies of these departments with subfederal executive bodies. The editorial board of the journal "Legal regulation of the market of the real estate" could organize a round table discussion on this subject.

In a sphere of the real property market still there are a lot of problems, which have not been discussed yet, and the editorial board, maybe, should think of transition from a quarterly to a monthly issue.

To conclude I want to wish to the collective of edition and its authors a big creative success and not to loose high professional level of the journal "Legal regulation of the market of the real estate", which it gained in the first issues.

Yours faithfully, J. E. Lodkin

Member of the Council of Federation of Federal assembly of Russian Federation, head of management of Bryansk area