"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Issue 4 (5) 2000

From the Editor in Chief

Dear readers!

A year has passed after the issuing of the first edition of our journal. In many respects, due to your responses, the concept of the edition and a range of subjects were defined. The journal has become a tribune for discussion of economic and legal problems of the market of the real estate and investments, dialogue of experts, public agents, participants of the market. We paid attention to the problems on the junction of disciplines, branches of law, problems of support of different departments.

What place our subjects occupy in all the spectrum of the country's problems? The president V. V. Putin in his interview to the correspondent of the "Figaro" newspaper of October 26, 2000 states the following: "The perestroika, initiated by Gorbathiov in 1985 has turned in the beginning of 90th to be a real revolution. And all revolutions, even bloodless, always result in destruction of an old system. But the day will come, when the revolution ends and gives its place to the process of creation. It is the stage now experienced by Russia. Our aim is to fund the state on a new, democratic basis. We want to return force to state institutions, to improve the relations between central authority and locales of Russian Federation, to rebuild a legal system, to define clearly the principles of the government operation... " There are a lot of unsolved problems in the construction of a new economic and legal system. The mutual relation of federal center and locales is defined; the principles of budgetary and fiscal policy are specified. Practically everyone accepts the key value of the institution of property for a successful advance of democratic reforms, raising of economy. In this connection, the subject of our journal is one of the most actual for today's development of the society.

In our work, dear readers, we count on your further support and help. To drive attention to acute problems, their effective discussion and adjustments of "feedback" the edition continues the practice of conducting of round table discussions and seminars.

The nearest of such meetings is a city conference in Moscow on developing the mechanisms and legal base, economic interest of the investors in the development of municipal economy. The conference is scheduled for December of the flowing year together with the Council on study of productive forces (CSPF) of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Russian Federation and Russian academy of sciences at support of the city administration and investors. I wish you a success in the following year - the first year of a new century, which should become time of the prosperity of Russia.

I hope for your further support.

Yours faithfully, Bochkov S.O.

Editor-in-chief, Chairman of an inter-regional public movement "For legal support of domestic commodity producers".