"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Issue 3-4 (48), December 2011

The mechanism to ensure the competitiveness of the regional industry: branch and investment aspects (on the example of Ulyanovsk region)

T.A. Deykun, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region; O.V. Asmus, Doctor of Economics, Minister of economy of Ulyanovsk region; O.V. Zhigalova, PhD in Economics, Consultant of the Department of socioeconomic forecasting and adaptation of the economy development department of economy and enterprise of the Ministry of economy of Ulyanovsk region

On the example of Ulyanovsk region the authors define the goals of the regional policy. The essence of effective structural adjustment in the economy of the regions is in this transformation of the structure, in which the increase of efficiency of local economic complex is provided, on this improvement of the quality of life of the population. The use of regional benefits will help to achieve the main strategic goal of the development of the region, which is in the sustainable development of the entire production system and ensuring the competitiveness of regional economy in the long run. The methods of regulation of bodies of state power of the structural shifts in the economy of the region are proposed.

Key Words: competitiveness, industry of the region, investment, competitive advantage, specialization.