"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Issue 2-3 (3-4) 2000

Property account as the Basis of Market Relations

Yarovikova R.A., chairman of the committee of Sakhalin region for state property management

It is not a secret, that the registration of a state ownership is a basis of the property relations. It is impossible to manage the property efficiently without a complete and reliable information about state of a controlled plant.

The expression "socialism Ч is first of all registration" even today has not lost its urgency. In times, when the economy of the state has passed to the market relations, the work on the registration of a state ownership has gained a new stage of the development. This process was not an exception for the Sakhalin area.

During a privatization the state has lost a definite part of the property. This fact is not disputed by "principal privatisators". The result of it was the lack of inventory control as a necessary condition of privatization.

After the principal stage of privatization of the property or so-called "the large privatization" has passed the rest of the property was subject to importation in the common document generalizing the appropriate information on plant, included in it.

The registry of the federal property and registry of a state ownership of the Sakhalin area became such document.

At a primal stage of forming the registries contained the minor information limited in importation of data on the name of a legal entity, its location and size of the charter capital. In this connection the governor of the Sakhalin area has repeatedly considered a problem on the necessity of perfecting of a present system of the registration of plants of a state ownership and creation of the database permitting to public authorities to raise the effectiveness of usage of the state-owned property.

In July, 1999 the registries with new data were formed, such as: the enumeration of plants of the real estate, their balance and residual cost, medial-list number of staff, data on the shares, being in state ownership (shares) in the charter capitals of the economic societies.

It is obvious, that the information, included in the registries, is of interest not only for management of area, but also for all interested organizations involved in the property relations.

The creation of the database of the state-owned property was realized according to the normative - legal act passed as on federal, and at a regional level.

Inventory control and registration of plants of the real estate was realized in two stages. At the first stage the operation was conducted with state federal and regional establishments, on the second Ч with state unitary firms.

What state property is located on our islands? Using the language of statistics, the federal property includes 59 firms, 232 establishments, 9 288 plants of the real estate, in the regional property are 119 firms, 68 establishments, 1 763 plant of the real estate.

The registry contains also information on 12 joint-stock companies, which shares are consolidated in the federal property, shares of 8 of themЧ without the right of disposal and 45 economic societies, the shares of which are in the regional property, in 30 of them its share exceeds 25% of the charter capital.

Nowadays the committee conducts the work on giving to firms and establishments the certificates about importation in the registry of the regional state-owned property; in the sphere of federal asset this operation is finished. Or else, the firms and establishments have received an opportunity to issue the rightestablishing documents on the asset, allotted to them, and bodies of control over the state-owned property Ч to realize to the full their check functions.

It is necessary to mark, that the principals of Territorial control on hydrometeorology and monitoring of environment, Center of state sanitary - epidemiological supervision on the Sakhalin area and its district subdivisions have issued the necessary documents in due time and in a right way.

At the same time, despite of a direct interest, certain principals have considered this process without due attention. The workers of committee had to remind to the Sakhalin sea college, State maritime administration of a port "Korsakov", Sakhalin state university and other firms and establishments, and occasionally convince them of necessity of receiving of the document.

The following year the committee will have to solve a problem of creation of economic indices of activity of state unitary firms and economic societies having the shares of the state and the Sakhalin area in the charter capitals and to conduct on their basis the economic analyses on efficiency of managing the state property.