"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Content of Issue 2 (35) July 2008

    • Editor-in-Chief Opening Remarks.

    • Medvedev D.A., President of the Russian Federation. "Speech on the XII Saint-Petersburg Economic Forum (Saint-Petersburg, 07.06.2008)".

    • Materials of session of Public advice of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation (Moscow, 17.06.2008).
      • Speech of .N.Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen.
      • Speech of Ya.I.Kuzminov, President of State University "High School of Economic".

    • "The concept of perfection of regional policy in Russian Federation (project)".
    • Neelov Yu.V., Governor of Yamalo-Nenetsky autonomous region. "Yamal is interested in attraction of investors".
    • Denin N.V., Governor of Bryansk region. "Strategy of social-economic development of Bryansk region: intermediate-term outlook".
    • Kadyrov R.A., President of Chechen Republic. "Ways of infrastructure development of Chechen Republic".
    • Bartenyev V.P., Minister of economic, trade, international and external economic links of Rostov region. "Priorities of economic police of Administration of Rostov region and its legal regulation".
    • Shumkov V.M., Director of Department of investment policy and state support of Tyumen region. "Resort potential of Tyumen region"
    • Forum "Investment facilities of Russian regions".

    • About development of innovation system of the Russian Federation (materials of session of the State Council of the Russian Federation; Moscow, 18.04.2008).
    • Tarasyuk V.M., Deputy Chairman of Committee of State Duma of the Russian Federation under local government. "Innovations - fast way to modernization of the country".
    • Resume of III All-Russian conference "Management of investment projects in building".
    • Resume of the Second All-Russian forum "Intellectual property of Russia-2008".

    • Markov S.V., consulting company "Mikhailov and partners". ""Castles in the air", or how to redeem land under the property".
    • Resume of I Land Conference "Effective investments in land: from theory to practice".

    • Materials of session of Section under state-private partnership of Public advice of the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation and Russian union of industrialists and businessmen concerning state-private partnership and investment policy (Moscow, 03.04.2008).
      • Speech of D.N.Kozak, Minister of regional development of the Russian Federation.
      • Speech of .N.Shokhin, President of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen.

    • Bochkov S.O., Editor-in-chief of the journal "Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation". "Development of state-private partnership in investment projects in capital construction in Moscow".

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