"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Issue 1 (2), 2000

Letter of Tikhomirov V., head of Ivanovo region administration

Attention: S.O.Botchkov: the editor-in-chief of the journal
Legal regulation of the market of the real estate

Dear Sergei Olegovitch!

Referring to your letter concerning the issuing of the journal " the legal Regulation of the market of the real estate " and discussion of economic and legal problems of the real estate, regional experience, opinions of the market participants of the real estate we find necessary to inform the following.

First, the issuing of the similar journal, has undoubtedly the urgent theoretical and practical value. Concept of the real estate, its classification, registration of the rights and bargains, state registration, the legal warranties of a guarantee of rights and bargains with the real estate, management of the state registry of the rights acquire paramount value in conditions of modern economy invoked to use market mechanisms of management in the civil circulation.

Secondly, the subjects of the journal supposing the division of a material on four sections " Economy of the real estate ", " the Right of the real estate ", " Practice in regions ", " the market Participants of the real estate ", allows to discuss the key problems of the legal character of the market of the real estate at a level of the concrete region and potential participant, that finally allows to realize more successfully the Concept of management of the real estate at a state level.

The following directions, which were to be seen in the present issuing, can be considered as the most important:

1. Place of the real estate in the civil circulation (concept, kinds, rating, record-keeping, state registration).

2. Bargain with the real estate (kinds and specificity).

3. Real rights and their place in a system of the civil rights.

4. Methods of a rating of the real estate.

5. Record-keeping of objects of the real estate, including the regions.

6. State registration of the rights, bargains and limitations of the real property, including the regions.

7. Legal warranties of a guarantee of rights ' and bargains with the real property.

8. Judicial and arbitrage practice in sphere of legal regulation of the real estate.

9. Perfection of the legislation in the field of legal regulation of the rights and bargains with the real estate.

10. Generalization of the foreign legislation and of the legal practice in the field of the rights and bargains with the real estate.

We believe, that the experts of of Ivanovo area, of the justice bodies of Ivanovo area on registration of the rights for the real property and bargains with it, of the arbitration court of Ivanovo area, of Ivanovo provincial court, of scientists of Ivanovo state university can participate in the activity of the journal.

Yours faithfully
The member of the Federation Council,
Of the Federal assemblies of Russian Federation