"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Issue 1 (2), 2000

From the Editor in Chief

Dear readers!

Responses to the first issue of our magazine have proved the necessity and actuality of our edition.

The presentation of the magazine took place in the Council of Federation; the round table dicussion "Problems of the real estate market in RF" has been held and a short report about it is available in this issue.

The editorial board took the lead in the organisation of the regional meeting on the subject "Problems of the real estate in locales" in the city of Vladimir at the end of April. The report about it will be published in the next issue. The purpose of the seminars, conferences, round table discussions which we held is to attract the attention of authorities, specialists, public to the urgent economical and legal problems, to the lack of correspondence between the positions of various departments, and different levels of power. We hope that on the basis of this magazine the unity of specialists in the field of real estate and investments will take place for the purposes of sharing the experience, rapid elaboration of optimal decisions for setting of the real estate market, investment process, helping the authorities to create legislation base for the development of the economy.

In this issue of our magazine the authors present their understanding of the ways of putting an end to the economic crisis. Before the discussion of the Land Code in the State Duma we publish some articles on this subject in this issue.

In the juridical part you will find an article on the problems of division of property between the Federation, subjects of the Federation and municipal formations and an article on the questions of juridical expertise at the state registration of the rights on real estate and transactions with it.

Beginning with this issue of the magazine we are starting to discuss the problems of public organisations in context of the market development. Two articles concern the activity of the Valuators Society and the Russian Guild of Realtors.

Great attention is paid to the regional experience and regional problems.

I hope for your support and wide-range collaboration with our magazine.

S. O. Bochkov