"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Issue 1, 1999

From the editor in chief. The Journal Concept

Dear readers!

Themes of our journal are exactly defined by its name.

There are four sections in the journal:

  • "Real Estate Economics"
  • "Real Estate Law"
  • "Practice in Regions"
  • "Participants of Real Estate Market"

In the section "Real Estate Economics" we deal with a broad circle of problems:
real estate economic policy , real estate investments, real estate and investments taxation, methods of financial analysis of real estate investments, social aspects of real estate economy, efficient usage of state real property, standards of international investors. While considering real estate economy problems we inevitably touch the broader layer of problems, in particular, those connected with privatization, state real property management, bankruptcy, investments. But the main task of the journal remains research of real estate problems. Importance of these themes is defined by their role in forming legal relations in the field of the real estate and transactions with it as the basis of further economic development of the country.

In the "Real Estate Law" section we publish articles devoted to analysis of the normative documents regulating real estate rights and deals (also concerning such questions as privatization or bankruptcy) as well as practical application of these normative documents. Particular place in the journal will be occupied by analysis of federal legislation, legislation of Russian Federation subjects, judicial practice, analysis of foreign experience.

In the "Practice in Regions" section we publish materials revealing the ways of the current real estate problems solution in some regions of Russian Federation. Particular attention is devoted to comparative analysis of normative acts, regulations and law-imposing practice, since many decisions before being imposed at the federal level pass "running-in" and often even come from regions.

"Participants of Real Estate Market" section is devoted to analysis of real estate market current conditions and market development forecast, functions of state structures in determination of real estate market functioning rules, activities of professional associations - participants of real estate market (i.e. realtors, notaries, attorneys, assessors, developers, managers of investment companies), activity teaching and scientific institutions activities, conferences, seminars, international cooperation. The questions of real estate data supply to be also considered.

Our journal is intended for employees of state organs, who due to the sort of their activities deal with real estate, leaders of enterprises, lawyers, economists, participants of real estate market, potential investors, lawmakers, scientists, teachers and students, all those being interested in real estate problems.

We do not intend to substitute any of already existing periodicals. There are enough problems in the field of real estate and there is heaps of work to be done, yet. There are a lot of different opinions and approaches to the way of one or another problem solution. Our task is to prepare useful professional journal where different standpoints could take place in order to help to work out the optimum decision, the journal where the current condition of real estate market as well as the most advanced experience could be broadly discussed.

In the journal we will also publish some normative acts and investment projects descriptions to be of particular interest.

We invite potential authors and organizations interested in cooperation. We hope for your support.

Dr. Sergey O. Bochkov
Chairman of Interregional Public Movement
"For Legal Support of Domestic Commodity Producers"