"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Content of Issue 3-4 (16-17), December 2003

    • Editor-in-Chief Opening Remarks.

    • T.A. Syomina, leading specialist of Main State legal administration of President of the Russian Federation. "Housing law problem and development of housing legislation in the Russian Federation".
    • G.F. Sheshko, representative of Gosstroy of Russia, Executive Responsible for elaboration of Housing Code draft of the Russian Federation and all related bills, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation. "Housing relations. Legal regulation in contemporary conditions".
    • G.S. Isotova - First Deputy Governor of Vologda region. "About realization of mortgage housing credit program in Vologda region".
    • A. Sharonin, Department Expert of Consulting Z F "Modern business technologies". "Organization of private managing companies in housing cooperative market".

    • Ivanov A.L. - Deputy Chief Military Attorney. "Authorities of the subjects of proprietary interests on the transfer of military property to lease".
    • Y.G. Kurin - Deputy of the State Duma, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Honored Advocate of the Russian Federation. "State registration of the rights for realty and the rights for honest purchaser: from the past to the present".
    • A.V. Chuyev - Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, President of All-Russian Public organization "Russian Orthodox Democratic Perspective", T.M. Govorenkova - Candidate of technical sciences, Director of Municipality Centre, D.A. Savin - Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, President of Moscow branch of All-Russian Public organization "Russian Orthodox Democratic Perspective". "Regulation of relations between building owners and land owners. Building permission".
    • V.A. Lapach - Doctor of sciences of law, the member of Advocate Chamber, Rostov region. "Problems of exchange, buying and selling of realty".
    • M.G. Piskunova - Senior scientist of Russia legal academy of Justice of RF. "State registration of the rights for realty as per legal deeds".

    • S.A. Lipski, Adviser of Agricultural and Industrial Development department at the Government of the Russian Federation. "About transformation of State land control functions".
    • E.Y Turetskiy, Chief Specialist of Methodical work department at Justice Institution for registration of the rights in Stavropol region "Application of the regulations of Federal law On the use agricultural lands while dealing with the alienation of plots of land and shares in common property right for plots of land from agricultural lands".
    • About territorial division of lands. Extracts from "Complex plan for division in areas of the Howord region, State of Maryland, approved by the Territorial Division Council on October, 18th 1993 (termination)".

    • I.E. Solomatina, Expert in the field of natural resources economics at the Ministry of environment and use of natural resources, region of Moscow. "Taxes and other payments for the use of natural resources".

    • S.K. Smirnova, Vice-president of the Committee for affairs of the Federation and regional politics of the State Duma of RF "Investment support of the regions with the Regional Development Funds".
    • .. Tolkachyov, First Deputy Mayor of Moscow at the Government of Moscow, Head of the Property and Land Relations Complex. "About actions for effective management of the property of Moscow".

    • V..L. Sevostianov Sevostianov, Scientific Secretary of Parliament Center "Scientific technologies, intellectual property" of Federal Assembly of RF, O.A. Chernyshov Chernyshov, President of the Committee for stable development of real sector of economics and investment activity of Moscow Trade and Commerce Chamber. "Legal security of lobbing innovations in real sector of local economics mandatory condition of stable development of Russia".

    • L.A. Yurchenko, General Director of "RSB. Russian insurance brokers", Candidate of economic sciences. "Problems of insurance development brokership in Russia".
    • S.A. Kmit, Lawyer, Deputy Head of legal management of Z " "Exima". "Pay for the use of monetary funds of third Party".

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