"Real Estate and Investments. Legal Regulation", the journal

Content of Issue 1-2 (14-15) June 2003

    • Editor-in-Chief Opening Remarks.

    • Zhirinovsky V.V., vice-chairman of the Russian State Duma. "Encouraging the Investment Growth Is the Critical Goal of Legislative Development".
    • Rossel E.E., Governor of Sverdlovsk region. "Government Control of the Investment Complex in Sverdlovsk Region".
    • Volkov .., President of Udmurtia Republic. "Role of the Government in the Development and Implementation of the Region Investment Policy (Udmurtia Republic as an example)".
    • Antonuyk B.D., First deputy minister of communications and informatization of the Russian Federation. "Communications and Informatization Development of Russia; Investment Opportunities of the Branch".
    • Fomin .., State Duma deputy. "Investment Strategy of Industrial Enterprises in the Regions".
    • Karahotin S.N., deputy head of the science and industry department of the Ministry of industry and science. "State Investments Optimization - New Solutions and Approaches".

    • Ponomarev V.N., secretary of state - vice-chairman of Gosstroy (the Russian Federation Construction Committee). "Mortgage Development and Other Means of Housing Construction Support in the Russian Federation".
    • Fedirko P.S., vice-chairman of the Committee on economic policy, entrepreneurship and property of the RF Federal Council. "Solution of the Housing Problem".
    • Scherbinin .G., assistant of Artyukhov A.V., member of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation in Tumen region. "Foreign Experience of Investment Attraction in the Housing Construction".

    • Goruynov V.A., director of the Institute of innovation processes and entrepreneurship legal problems. "GAO "The All-Russia Exhibition Center" - Center of Innovation Mechanism of the Russian Federation".
    • Mikhalchenkov .I., first deputy prefect of the Zelenograd administrative district of Moscow. "Support and Development of Small Innovation Enterprises in Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow".

    • Stroev E.S., head of the Orlov region administration, Volkov S.N., Rector of State University for Land Utilization. "Land Problem In Russia (end)".

  • LAW
    • Council on Codification and Improvement of the Civil Legislation at Presidential Office of Russia. "Development Concept of Civil Legislation on Real Estate. Moscow, February 2003".
    • Pavlov P.N., counselor of the Main state- legal department of President of the Russian Federation. "State and Municipal Land Property".
    • Piskunova M.G., chair of the jurisprudence department of the Russian Institute of State Registrars at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. "Real Property Divisibility".
    • Turezkiy E.Y., chief specialist of methodic work division of the department of justice for registration of rights at the territory of Stavropol region. "Some Problems of State Registration In Case of Refusal to Execute the Debtor's Transactions by the Foreign Manager or Bankruptcy Commissioner During the Implementation of the Proper Bankruptcy Procedures".
    • "Territorial Land Zoning. Extracts from the "Complex Plan of Howard County Zoning, Maryland", Approved by the Zoning Council, October 18, 1993 (continuation)".

  • "Information Tape".

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